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Plymouth County Paving Maintenance

Plymouth County Paving is pleased to offer Maintenance Programs
As part of your exterior maintenance, incorporating your driveway into that routine is just as important.
Well maintained driveways are safer for your children and family to play and walk on.
Our experienced maintenance crew can help keep your asphalt looking great for many years to come.
We can help you do that!
What maintenance can be expected on an asphalt driveway? Treating oil spots,sealing cracks, weed control, edging and sealcoating.
Climate has an impact on your asphalt driveway. Cold or hot temperature can affect asphalt needing it to be repaired or resealed. Make any repairs as soon as you see them. Call us for free estimates.

Part of your asphalt driveway maintenence is to seal your driveway regularly. Seal your driveway every 2 to 5 years. Also Sealcoat helps to prevent small oil stains.

Patchwork / potholes. Any crack in Asphalt let's moisture in, shortening your asphalt driveways lifespan.
All workmanship is guaranteed 2 years.
Plymouth County Paving is not responsible for chemical spills, vegetational growth, marks due to sharp objects, tire marks, puddles and settlement. If any other work is done over and above the paving work performed by us (including sealcoating), the guarantee will be null and void.
Look to join our maintenance program. We will help you protect your investment!
Call us today.
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